4 Things to Understand about the Free Clinic Near Me

4 Things to Understand about the Free Clinic Near Me


nexuswholehealth How much money do you have to spend to pay your medical expenses? Medical service is not cheap at all. That is why many people get a health insurance plan to help them cover their health expenses. Nevertheless, it does not mean that everyone can afford health insurance. If they have low income, they will not be able to afford the health insurance payment. If they do not have health insurance coverage, it means that they have to pay a lot of money for medical treatments. It is a hard situation but there is a free clinic near me to help. How can a free clinic work?


The very first thing you need to know about the free clinic is that it is based on community. You can find several free clinics and you might find it hard to find two clinics that are alike. The community will custom-design the free clinic based on the community healthcare need identification. Of course, the free clinic will use the healthcare assets and also resources that are unique to the community. It means that the free clinic near me no insurance will meet the needs of the local community.

Private but Nonprofit

One thing that you must not forget about the free clinic is that it is a private organization. Nevertheless, when the private healthcare organization usually focuses on the way to make a profit while providing healthcare, the free clinic is fully nonprofit. The private sector will be the primary support of a free clinic near me with cash as well as in-kind contributions.

Volunteer Driven

If a free clinic is a nonprofit organization, how can the clinic pay the staff? The run of the free clinic is based on volunteerism. You might find the primary care physician near me that is also serving in the free clinic as a volunteer. It is not only the healthcare professionals that become volunteers for the free clinic. Volunteerism is also used for clerical and administrative tasks to lower the operation cost.

Underinsured, Uninsured, and Low-Income Adults

We must not forget to talk about the target patients of the free clinic. It will be great if everyone can access free clinics but the target of the free clinic is adults with low income, uninsured, or underinsured. They find it hard to access affordable healthcare services because of their circumstances. The free clinic near me is there to help them get medical treatment with little or no charge at all.